Ten Best Power Towers For A Home Gym – 2020 Edition Reviews and Buyers Guide

Bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, dips, and pull-ups might be seen as traditional methods, but they are tested and proven ways through which you can build a firm body. A good example is the army; soldiers mainly use these methods to build on their functional power, and it works. If you are a big fan of these types of bodyweight exercises, then a power tower might just be the right equipment for you.


What is a Power Tower?

A power tower is also known as a dip or pull-up station, and it is one of the most popular fixtures in gyms today. It is a stand-alone structure that is about 10-12’ tall and it entails several different parts where you can place your back, chest, hands and even a back pad. All these parts are vital in your workouts as they help to engage different muscles.

A power tower will allow you to work on numerous parts of your body, which include your core, shoulders, and chest. You can even get an intensive cardio workout on the same tower, but it mainly depend on how you are able to customize your workouts and routines.


Benefits of a Power Tower

Power towers are among the most versatile fitness types of equipment in the gym as you can use it to work most parts of your body if not all. However, it is mostly recommended for the upper body, but you can also incorporate it into your leg training.

So, what are some of the benefits of using a power tower?

i. A power tower will make it easy for you to perform specific exercises. For example, there are certain movements that might seem awkward when carried out on a standard weight bench, but when you use a power tower, there will be no need to struggle. This will in turn reduce muscle strain and fatigue.

ii. Power towers provide users with simple solutions for performing numerous upper body exercises.

iii. Unlike full-sized power racks, power towers consume less space.

iv. The dip station allows you to perform numerous abdominal exercises. Such exercises include exercises that target your core.

v. Performing your exercises on a power tower is easy on your muscles and joints. It is even easier than when using free weights.


Things to consider before buying your power tower

If you want to buy a power tower, you obviously want the best. You will only get this by compiling the best features and trying to look for a power tower that has all these features. You see, an expensive power tower does not necessarily mean that it is the best and vice versa. Therefore, you have to look for a power tower that fits your budget and still has the features you want. These features include:


Weight Limit

An average power tower will have a limit of between 250 and 300 pounds, which should be enough for you. However, very athletic individuals might want the limit to be less than enough as the weight of their muscles could cause the power tower to shift, especially if they make dramatic movements or swing on the tower.

You might also want to consider the weight of the power especially if you intend to use the power tower at home. You see, a heavy power tower will be strenuous to put together, and moving around might also be another issue. Therefore, the best thing for you is to opt for a power tower that is light enough to put together.



Size is among the most important considerations when choosing a power tower as you do not want it to consume too much space. You will find that some power towers are one-sided while others are two-sided. This means that the latter will require more space compared to the former.

If you have enough to accommodate a large power tower, then a heavy-duty power will do just fine. However, if your space is limited, then a compact model will be the best option for you.


Ease of Construction

If you intend to build the tower yourself, you might as well choose a tower that is easy to build. The ease of construction will also make it easy for you to move it around or between buildings. However, if you intend to keep it in the same location for years, then ease of construction shouldn’t be much of a bother. You see, the ease of construction would mean that you would have to sacrifice some of the features, which could be useful in your workouts.



It is probably the most vital aspect of power tower as it will determine the kind of exercises you will perform on it. Most power towers will have a dip station, a knee raise station, back pad, pull-up or chin-up stations, push-up bars, and arm slings.

Other features include the composition of its steel structure. For instance, does it have rubberized grips or feet to keep it from sliding and damaging the floors? Does it have foam-covered or padded handles? Is the tower anchored to the floor? Is it portable?



Like earlier mentioned, the costliest option isn’t always the best. You can get a power tower with all the features you need for much less compared to high-end brands. Simply compare the features and the prices, and you might just get what you want.


Who are power towers good for and what areas of the body do they work on?

Power towers are ideal for anybody looking to enjoy a full-body workout in a compact space. Power towers are recommended for offices, home gyms, hotels, and gyms. They work on both the upper and abdominal muscles.


How to set up and use a power tower

You can choose to do the set up on your own or have a professional do it for you, but at a fee. As for the use, it will depend on the muscle groups you are targeting. The upper body will require different exercise and the same applies to the abdominal muscles.


Common mistakes when using a power tower

Mistakes could be many, but let’s look at mistakes in chin ups.

i. Not using the full range of motion
ii. Sharp and fast movements
iii. Rocking on the exercises
iv. Letting you elbows flare



Our Top Picks Best Power Towers


1. Body Champ Power Tower

The body champ VKR allows you to take your exercises back to the basics. This means that you get to try out exercises that are tried and tested. The 4-station allows you to perform exercises that not only tone your abdominal muscles but also your chest, back, arms, and core muscles simply by lifting your body weight. The 4-station VKR Tower is ideal for all athletes, regardless of whether you are an advanced bodybuilder or a beginner.

With the Body Champ Power Tower, you get 4 workstations that include lower pushup bars, vertical knee raise, pull-ups, and dip station. It has advanced design that consists of two arched stability bars that are designed to give it a more sturdy and safe look. It is ideal for home fitness and light commercial settings as it comes with seam-stitched cushions and a durable D-frame.



• VKR station for knee raises as well as targeted ab crunches
• Heavy-duty steel frame
• Heavy-duty box-style cushions
• Protective feet to minimize floor damage
• Built-in pushup bars
• Handle grips designed for non-slip workouts
• Dip-station for upper body workouts and triceps
• 4-station fitness tool



It measures 58.5” by 46.5” by 83” and has a weight of 88 pounds. The frame material is steel and it requires assembly.



2. Soozier Fitness Power Tower

The Soozier Power Tower has a perfect dip and pull-up stand that allows you to hit different muscle groups with your body as the weight. It offers a serene place to do your abdominal raises, pull ups, push ups, dips, and any other body weight workout that you can think of.

The Soozier Power Tower has a stable frame that is augmented by slip-free handles and supportive cushions to allow you to complete your arm-focused and abdominal workouts without the need to add weights. It is said to be very successful especially with multiple body types and it is also one of the best ways to focus on your upper body strength and core with very quick, but effective routines.

The only downside is assembling as it will take some time to get this power tower up and ready for use. But after all that, everything else is just smooth.

• Reinforced steel frame
• 4-in-1 workout rack
• Has slip-free handles and padding where necessary
• Push up bars
• Its maximum weight capacity is approximately 330 pounds
• Rubberized floor grips
• Reinforced steel construction


It weighs 71.7 pounds and measures 25” by 54” by 82.5”.


3. Stamina 1690 Power Tower

The Stamina 1690 is an economical power tower for individuals who intend to use the power tower for casual or limited uses. Although it has an inviting price tag, its biggest selling point is its sturdiness. It is ideal for users whose workouts will not involve a lot of dramatic gymnastic movements. It has tough end-caps that are designed to prevent it from slipping and damaging the floor.

The Stamina 1690 is classified among the most portable power towers unlike the rest, which are too heavy especially after assembly. It utilizes gravity and your bodyweight to help you perform effective workouts.
• Foam padded push-up station

The push-up station is raised just high enough to allow you to perform your push-ups effectively while decreasing strain on your joints.

• Foam padded sit-up station

The sit-up station allows you to perform crunches, sit-ups and any other ab workouts that you can think of. It has foam-padded grips that you can use for your feet or hands, depending on the routine.

• Non-slip Endcaps

You are assured that the Stamina 1690 will remain steady even during intense workout sessions.

• Steel frame construction

The steel frame construction can support a maximum of 250 pounds.


4. Weider Power Tower

The Weider Power is one of the most durable and popular power towers on the market today. It is constructed using durable steel tubing, which allows users to use for many years. This power tower will not only help you to maintain perfect form, but it will also leave you with toned and chiseled chest muscles.

It has a multi-grip pull-up station that will be vital in refining your arm and back muscles. The Weider Power Tower has several stations and positions that you can utilize to strengthen your entire body. With the Weider Power Tower, you can now target and tone arms, back, chest, shoulders, and core.

• Vertical knee raise station

It targets your midsection from virtually all angles. Its use is not limited to abdominal muscles as you can use it to develop hip flexors and stronger obliques.

• Molded handgrips on the push-up station

You can use the push-up station to not only develop, but also strengthen your lats, forearms, and biceps. The molded handgrips come in handy during your workouts.


5. Bowflex BodyTower

The Bowflex BodyTower is an economical option, but it might not be as heavy-duty as the high-end models. However, this aspect should not hinder you from buying it as it has great features and is a product of a very reputable company.

With the Bowflex Body Tower, you are assured of performing intense full-body workouts even in a small space. It is ideal for beginners especially individuals who might need help to perform their abdominal exercises.

The Bowflex Body Tower comes with slings straps where you place your elbows to enable you perform your moves correctly. With the sling straps, you will not need to swing back or forward.

• It has unique horizontal bars that allow you to not only add intensity, but also variety to your workouts. This means that you can tweak your workouts by raising the intensity, improve your fitness program or increasing your exercises by increasing the variety.

• The sling straps and hand grips give you more workout options than most power towers.

• The wide steel base ensures that your power tower remains stable even during your most intense workouts.

• Tower-mounted workout placard


6. XMark Deluxe Power Tower

If paying extra and getting quality products is how you like to do your shopping, then the Xmark Deluxe might just be the right power tower for you. It is heavier than your average power tower and it is a favorite for many pro users due to its sturdiness. It also has a much wider base compared to other towers on this list. The wide base helps to improve its stability, but you will need a mat to protect your floor.

• It comes with a heavy bag capacity of 100 pounds. Heavy Bag is not included. This stand is ideal for users who are looking to enjoy the boxing experience at the comfort of your home. The heavy bag station makes it easy to perform a cardio workout, martial arts training, and training for boxing.

• It’s equipped with a dip station, split grip pull-up bar, vertical knee raise, and push-up station. This combination allows you to target your core and abs while doing your chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and dips.

The addition of a heavy bag stand reduces the amount of space you would have used if the power tower and the heavy stand were separate.


7. XMark Powerbase with Assisted Lift

Just like the XMark Deluxe, the XMark Powerbase is also an expensive option that adds size, definition, and strength to your training program.

• It includes a dip station, split grip pull-up station, weight assist attachment, and a vertical knee raise station. The weight assist attachment consists of four weight assist bands that will assist you while performing your dips, wide pull ups, and narrow parallel. It has 3 pop pin adjustments for easy adjustment. The VKR station handles are foldable to allow you perform your pull-ups without any obstacle.

• The arm, back and weight assist cushions have extra thick Duracraft padding, which is covered in tear and sweat resistant Duraguard Vinyl.

• It has a rugged construction, ergonomic design with multiple stations.

• Tricep dip handles are spaced 22” apart.

• Includes skid resistant feet.

• 11 gauge steel construction with a scratch resistant coat finish.


8. Fitness Reality X Class

The Fitness Reality is a multi-functional power tower that allows you perform your workouts at home with the same intensity you would if you were in a gym. It not only allows you to master your leg raises, but also helps you work your abs.

It has a heavy-duty construction that features a heavy-duty steel tube frame whose weight limit is 400 pounds. The Fitness Reality X Class has a 3” thick angled backrest that is designed for extra comfort. The Fitness Reality allows you to train with over twenty different exercises, targeting different muscle groups.

• 400 pounds weight capacity. The heavy-duty steel tube frame is angled in such a way that it allows you to rest your back on the cushion support, which in turn stabilizes any movements.

• Angled forearm cushion. It has thick angled forearm cushions that allow for a much more comfortable elbow and forearm support. The backrest is also 3” thick angled for added comfort.

• A step support is added onto the main frame. This allows for easy step up as you perform your leg raises and dips.

• It has 3-position adjustable stability beam, which provide additional stability and safety. There are also 4 boltholes that you can use to mount your power tower to the ground.

• Multiple Grip pull-up station. This station will not only help you to strengthen, but also sculpt your lats, triceps, biceps, back, and chest.

9. XMark Multi-Function

The feature that sets the XMark Multi-Function from the rest is its fluid framework and the extra padding at the various points where your body gets into contact with the tower itself. Its push-up handles are welded directly into the support frame, which adds control and safety. The dip handles are aesthetic as they are naturally molded from the frame. The handles are also comfortable for your hands and extra wide. As for the abs station, it has a 2.5” thick padding with a decent combination of vinyl and high-density padding.

Unlike most power towers that struggle to find a perfect balance between stability and dip bar positioning, the XM-4434 has a design that features a much thinner, but longer frame. The design manages to solve this problem.

The dip bars are positioned close to each other to help you target your chest and triceps more directly. This reduces the worry of picking up rotator cuff injuries especially when you perform the same exercise with using a grip that is much wider.

It has ergonomically spaced dip handles that will play a key role in building your size of your shoulders, triceps, and chest.

Although push-ups from the floor are effective, starting from an elevated position will allow for a much deeper stretch. This, in turn, increases the work done by your muscles. The push and pull up bars are positioned on the opposite side of the dip bars. This design helps to create enough space for each exercise, without necessarily taking up too much space.

• Vertical knee raise
• Double stitched Duraguard Vinyl
• Tough skid resistant feet
• Rubber grips on the push up handles


10. Water-chestnut Power Tower

The Water-chestnut is another economical power tower and has very decent features. It is made using oblate reinforced steel frame and has sturdy construction combined with a step-up design. It has an adjustable height and a weight capacity of 550 pounds.

• Vertical knee raise station
• 4-station fitness tool
• Reinforced steel frame
• Built-in push bars
• Skid resistant rubber feet
• Handle grips and high density arm pads



After carefully reviewing and researching on these power towers, it is safe to say that the Xmark XM-4434 is the most ideal option as it has nice build quality and its performance is unrivaled.

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